Nature Side:
The Forest of Guînes (10km) :
A trip on foot, bike or for the bravest, a footing. You take oxygen while discovering this magnificent forest ...And for the adventurous, the journey adventure in the trees!
"The Marsh of Guînes" (6km) : Enter a world of birds, insects where Highland cows graze.
Costal reserve of " Le Platier d’Oyes " : (20km) take your binoculars and navigate to the observatories, You can see migratory birds, wild ducks, Highland beef.
"Le Site des 2 Caps" (33km) and its typical village of houses of fishermen in AUDRESSELLES (36km), the beach of CALAIS and its white sand.
" La Plage du Châtelet " in Tardinghem (29km).
Where you can fish shrimps and harvest mussels
"Le lac d’Ardres" (9km) its pedalo, its small motor boats, its nautical base, its House of the flora and its restaurants in lake border
Culture Side :

Guînes (6km), visit

"La Tour de l’Horloge" : a trip to the heart of the history of the vikings at "Camp du Drap d’Or".

You will discover a city of history or the stories of a city !
The first goes back to the 10th century with the arrival of Sifrid Danish and its Vikings. Although legendary, it's the pride of the Guînois.
The second figure in all France and European history books. This is the interview of the Camp du Drap d'Or between Francois 1er and Henry VIII.

"Village Saint Joseph" at "Marais de Guînes" (4 km): village open-air museum 1900

Calais (10km):

the LIGHTHOUSE of CALAIS, its port, its basins fishing and boating, Church of "Notre Dame"our Lady.
the Lace Museum,
the War Museum,
Exhibition park of photos theme facing the City Hall.
The City Hall with its famous sculpture of  "Les Bourgeois de Calais".

Sightseeing, Blockhouse of Eperlecques, The Helfaut Dome (near to St Omer)
the second world war Museum in Ambleteuse
Nausicaa in Boulogne sur Mer (30 km)